Ido's Beauty Parlor
Est. 23.Sep.2005
Ido Starlit Sunrider
Pro levels
Hair Stylist:37
Body Sculptor:33
Face Sculptor:32
Meet your Beautician:

My name is Ido Starlit Sunrider. I arrived on Calypso after the first Robot Wars on 29th October 2003. When the beautician profession was introduced in 2005 I was one of the to establish a professional beauty parlor on Calypso and I have been providing beauty services to the community ever since.

I have had my share of adventures in Entropia apart from my Beauty Parlor. My most proud achivements include, running the Gaming Univeristy of Calypso, Being a partron of many artists and running an Art Galry in Billton Towers, Craeting the Entropia C.O.R.E ore trading organization, and more recently the Little Big Mining Log.

With almost a decade of expirience in the beauty business I'm dedicated to offering the highest quality of service possible, keeping competative pricing as well as high availability of the service. Each customer is offered an account on this webiste allowing them to track their customer history. Regular customers are offered membership discounts of up to 50% of the procedure price. Your satisfaction is my higest priority. I never let a customer leave unless they are happy with their new look.